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London isn’t just one of the largest cities in the world, home to over 8 million people. It is the ‘City of Dreams’, an epicenter of culture, history, romance and a pioneer of fashion. London is home to myriad museums, fanciful art galleries, elaborate theatres and extravagant nightlife, from swank night clubs to ostentatious gambling halls. Its suitable nickname, City of Dreams, is relevant in so many ways, for anything one can dream of, can be found in London.

The city of London dates back more than two millennia, established by the Romans, but it may date back much father thanks to the discovering of a bridge said to be built in the Bronze Age (approx. 1500BC), although the bridge’s intended destination is uncertain due to thousands of years of natural landscape alterations. Although ruler ship, as well as its name, changed many times throughout the centuries, London maintained its terminus supremacy long before, and throughout, the rise of Great Britain.

Today, when we think of London, we think of the magnificence of Buckingham Palace, adjoined by a massive promenade and lined with the most disciplined palace guards the world has to offer. It brings to mind the towering architecture of the 150 year old great bell clock, Big Ben, situated at the northern end of London’s picturesque Palace of Westminster. Our minds conjure beautiful images of the River Thames, capped by the structural wonder of Tower Bridge. London is a sight-seers dream in and of itself, and yet there is so much more to see behind its multifarious doors.

Millions of tourists travel to London every year, from backgrounds as diverse as the city’s attractions. Some of the city’s more historical and culturally minded temptations include the Sherlock Holmes Museum on Baker Street, the centuries old Royal Opera House and the luxuriant Coliseum Theatre. London is universally recognized as a musical capitol of the world, celebrated for its elaborate classical symphonies, as well as popular, modern music venues.

Countless visitors come to London to get a taste of its immense casino lifestyle. London is home to the famed Fifty Casino London, the largest casino in the United Kingdom. In July of 2012, the Hippodrome Casino was re-opened after a multi-million dollar renovation, and in 2013, announced the grand opening of PokerStars LIVE, the very first land-based destination of the world’s largest online poker site and “one of the largest UK poker rooms”. As its abundance of casinos and bingo halls depicts, London is a mecca for gambling; particularly bingo, beloved by more people in the United Kingdom than anywhere else in the world. There are many more opportunities for players willing to place bets online, and reports that virtual gaming is legal and run by the UK Gambling Commission.

For a more exotic experience, visitors often frequent the diversified nightlife of London’s Soho district. Originally the King’s Cross Cinema of 1920, patrons can now visit the upscale “Scala” nightclub, or head to Charing Cross to visit the predominantly gay scene at “Heavens” super-club.

If that weren’t enough, London is also home to some of the largest and most gorgeous parks in the world. The most illustrious of all are the Royal Parks, which include Hyde Park and Kensington Park in western central London, and Regent’s Park to the north. All told, London is simply one of the most wonderful, diversified cities in the entire world.

Red Square: A Russian Site of Political and Historical Importance

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Red square is a popular city square in capital of Russia, Moscow. The Red Square acts as the main entrance to the Kremlin and separates the Kremlin from Kitai-gorod, a historic merchant quarter. Many people believe that the Red square is so called because it is made of red bricks. However, the Red square, in Russian, is actually ‘Krasnaya Ploschad.” The former term, in Old Russian, meant beautiful; however, it has evolved to mean ‘red.’

Red Square is also the official address of the Russian government. The buildings surrounding the square have their own significance. The GUM department store and the restored Kazan Cathedral are to the east of the Square whereas Saint Basil’s Cathedral and the cathedrals and palaces of the Kremlin lie to its south. On the northern side of the Square is the State Historical Museum whereas the north-western side has the Iberian Gate and Chapel.

Considering their inextricable links to the history of Russia right since the 13th century, the Kremlin and Red Square were together included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the year 1990. The Red Square is considered to be one of the must-visit tourist places in Russia and is visited by the tourists from the world over.


Some unique tastes from the Italian dish

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If you are all set to visit Italy to enjoy a holiday in the country, then following are some of food dishes that you must enjoy eating while on a trip to Italy. The main essence of these foods is that they are found only in Italy and not in any other part of the world.

Braulio: Also known as bitter, Braulio an alcoholic type of drink and mostly resembles wine and has a pungent smell and tastes like herbs.

Guanciale: This is the cured cheek of a pig and is mostly cooked and added to pasta dishes or spaghetti and contains some traditional Italian spices and herbs.

Sambuco Blossoms: It is also known as black elderberries and is mostly fun to eat especially the tiny sambuco blossoms that appear each spring in Italy.

Alba Truffle: Mostly popular in Northern Italy, it is best to eat when melted with poured over eggs.

These were some of the unique foods that are only found in Italy and nowhere else in the world. If you visit Italy, then these are food items that you should put on your priority eating list.

Visiting Alhambra, Spain

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Alhambra or ‘the red one,’ is a palace and fortress complex located in the Granada province of the Andalusian area of Spain. Moors (Berbers) rulers built this structure during the mid 14th century. It consists of four prominent sections and each of these sections would leave an unforgettable imprint on your mind. In its three-fold arrangement as a residential annex for subordinates, a palace and a castle, the Alhambra looks like many of the Christian strongholds of the medieval times.

Alameda de la Alhambra or the park was planted by the Moors with myrtles, oranges and roses. The sound of running water from various cascades and fountains usually fills the park. The stupefying gardens and palace are seen every day by around 8,000 people. However, only 300 people per half an hour are allowed admission to the Nasrid Palace areas, which comprises the Lion Court.

Alhambra is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Spain. It also enjoys the status of being a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has been a source of inspiration for many a story and song. It was described by the Moorish poets as “a pearl set in emeralds.” It should be noted that the tickets to visit the Alhambra are usually in high demand. Therefore, it is recommended that you book your tickets well in advance.

Disneyland: A Child's dream come true:

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Disneyland, a world renowned theme park, is located in Anaheim, California. It is owned and run by the Walt Disney Parks and Resorts division of the US-based diversified mass media company-The Walt Disney Company. It was back in July, 1955 that Disneyland was opened to the public.

It is arguably one of the most popular tourist destinations for children. In addition to offering a chance to let people meet their favourite Disney characters, Disney upgrades its facilities to keep offering something new to the whole family.

The Disneyland Park is divided into different themed areas or lands as well as well-concealed backstage areas. Following are the eight themed areas of the park that host various live entertainment, restaurants, shops and attractions:

• Main Street, U.S.A.
• Adventureland
• Frontierland
• Fantasyland
• Mickey’s Toontown
• Tomorrowland
• New Orleans Square
• Bear Country

Holidayland, a ninth area, often called ‘the lost land of Disneyland’ operated between 1957 and 1961. The official mascot of the company is Mickey Mouse. Throughout the park, there are representations of Mickey Mouse heads, referred to as ‘Hidden Mickeys,’ inserted subtly into the environmental décor and the design of attractions. Disneyland Resort has had more than 500 million guests from across the world and the number continues to increase.